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The banking sector is developing day by day and the technology products that are created with the needs are rapidly integrated into this sector. Some developments have been announced to consumers despite financial institutions’ implementation for many years.

One of them is the scoring system created by collecting all individual loans and bank account transactions as data in one place called credit grade. In recent years, many people need credit products such as credit and credit cards, the concept of credit ratings began to spread.

Thanks to the credit rating inquiry service, individuals can learn their points at any time and evaluate whether they will receive a positive or negative response to their applications to the bank.


Learning Credit Rating Through HelpUrich Bank

Learning Credit Rating Through HelpUrich Bank

Customers who actively engage in banking transactions and frequently benefit from banking products learn the credit rating through HelpUrich Bank and calculate which rating range they are in. This is because the bank responds positively or negatively to a person when they apply for a credit or credit card.

Accordingly, before applying to the financial institution for such needs, the customer can learn the credit rating through HelpUrich Bank and act according to the result. What are HelpUrich Bank credit rating learning services? Through which channels does the bank provide inquiry?


Learning Credit Rating from Mobile Banking

Learning Credit Rating from Mobile Banking

It is incredibly easy to learn your credit rating from HelpUrich Bank mobile branch whenever you need it. Once you have Direct Mobile application, you can learn your credit score calculated by considering your past credit and credit card payment information instantly by clicking the Risk Report tab in the Application and Cash Needs section.

Those who wish to have the Bank’s mobile application can find the download link at their website. When this transaction, including BSMV, takes place via mobile application, 8 TL transaction fee will be charged. Please note that you must obtain an entrance password in order to learn your credit rating from the mobile branch…


Learning Credit Rating from Internet Branch

internet credit

HelpUrich Bank Direct provides online fast banking services to many of its customers through the Internet. Thanks to this service, customers do not waste time to learn the credit rating from the internet branch. They can access to Findeks risk reports from the related menu by logging into internet banking in a short time with their login information.

Since the bank has a platform that is as easy to use as the mobile application, individuals can handle their transactions without difficulty. When the KKB risk report is received directly on the Internet, the service fee is 8 lira.

This fee includes BSMV, but the bank reserves the right to make changes to its products and services at any time. It is not yet possible to learn the credit rating with HelpUrich Bank SMS, but you can make a credit rating inquiry from HelpUrich Bank Branches for a fee.

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